Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Someone was listening

I got this email, and I had to share it...
Just a note about Sunday's sermon - My kids are great at devising games to play in the back seat of the car while we are traveling someplace - even to the grocery store. On Monday while we were driving home from some errands they made up a new game - how long can my son balance something on his head while his sister counts to 20 (a rather calm game for them - no balls bouncing from window to window or other flying objects involved). They tried various things found in the backseat of the car - shoes, books, toys and clothes. My daughter was getting frustrated because her brother kept everything on his head until she counted to 20 so I thought I would help her a little bit my reaching around the seat and gently tugging at the hair on his legs to make him squirm. Well all I heard was MOMMY didn't you hear Pastor Curtis on Sunday! He said NO HAIR PULLING! It is in the rule book. I had to apologize for pulling hair and not listening to the sermon at church but he got something from your message :)
You gotta love a kid who listens to your preaching!