Friday, November 2, 2007

Lots of Firsts

These last 2 months have filled with lots of firsts. Today was a different kind of first. I had the privilege of leading a funeral service for a dear person who was the mother of one of OBC's members. (It was my first one in this state, although I have been privileged in many ways to do this before.)

I say privilege intentionally. First of all, I love the OBC family, and I was touched by many in the church who were there in support of the family. I am privileged to pastor such a people. But, I also know it is a privilege anytime to share at a Christian's funeral. Although it is difficult at times (and I can sympathize and grieve with the family), I actually can honestly say that I enjoy leading these services. Why would I enjoy such an opportunity?
  1. It is a great reminder to me (and others) that we will all die, and our time on earth is limited. It makes us reevaluate priorities in light of that.

  2. Christians have so much hope and confidence on this kind of day. I almost want to shout, "This is the day we long for!" I know death can be tough. I will undoubtedly have my heart wrenched by my loved-ones death in the future, but for the Christian "to depart and be with Christ is far better!"

  3. I greatly value the opportunity to share with people outside of our church (or any church) a "reason for the hope that lies in us." Many of them would NEVER go to church, but they are there and I feel a great responsibility to say, "Our hope in Christ prepares us for this, and this is why..."
So, I count myself privileged today, and look forward to the time where there is no more death, no more tears, because we are in the presence of Christ forever.