Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lunch with a friend

I caught up yesterday with a fellow blogger in our church, Jonathan. (You ought to check out his blog.) Jonathan has been a friend to me (and my family, especially my son) since I met him a couple of months ago. Recently, he completed a half-marathon. I get tired just thinking about it. The unique thing with Jonathan is that he completed the half-marathon and he has physical disabilities. You have to read the blog entries where he speaks of the endurance and strength that God gave him to do this. They are "amazing" to use one of Jonathan's favorite words!

Although I think it speaks to Jonathan's strength that he persevered in the race, I think it speaks to his grace-filled walk with God that he gives all glory to God. Although Jonathan and I share a lot in common (we are both big John Piper fans, for instance), I have a lot I can learn from him as well.

Jonathan is a special to me, not because of his disability, but because we share something great in common: our love for Jesus Christ. People like him make me realize regularly how blessed I am to be a pastor here!