Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Christmas, Charlie Brown!

This was the first year that the 4 of us watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special together (Our daughter wasn't exactly in a place where she could see it last year). So, here are my favorite things about the Charlie Brown Christmas.

6. The singing. I love the facial expressions of the kids as they 'ooooo' to "Hark the Herald Angels."

5. The tree. We had one like it growing up. And we used it every for 17 years! Good memories.

4. The dancing. Canaan has mastered a few of the classy dance moves. I will keep my dance moves restricted to the elf-moves.

3. Pigpen. I smile every time I see the cloud of dirt around him building the snowman.

2. The music. I got the soundtrack last year, and have listened to it quite a bit this year. It's classic.

1. Luke 2. I don't know of any other primetime special that will point to the gospel, like Linus' reading of the Christmas story.