Sunday, December 2, 2007

Unwind and rewind

Sunday night is kind of the time where I unwind and rewind the days events. This weekend was a good one, I think, for Ogletown. Just a few thoughts...
  • I love the fact that through the Advent portion of our service, we reminded ourselves that God keeps His promises. That is part of the core meaning of Christmas.

  • To hear the congregation sing "Amazing Grace" was pretty powerful. It's awesome to be able to sing about grace!

  • I was encouraged that 3 people joined today. Not just because they joined, but because each of them had expressed to me personally a desire to not just sit on the sidelines, but to be connected with the faith family at OBC.

  • The church itself was decorated nicely. Big thanks goes out to those who worked to make that special for us.

  • Next week, we will look at some more of Isaiah 9, that talks about the joy that the Light brings.

  • I am looking forward to the building tours next week. You will be amazed at the building, I'm sure.
Anyway, God is good to us at OBC!