Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two-Thirds Disease

I confess...I start more books than I finish. I guess there are better odds of that than finishing more books than you start!

That's where the 2/3 disease comes from. I get 2/3 into the book, and start reading 2 or 3 more. However, progress has been made recently in that department. I have finished 3 books recently. They are...
  1. The Kite Runner - pretty intense secular fiction book, but it definitely gave me a heart for the people who are without Christ in Afghanistan. I didn't read the book for theology, but much of the pain of the Afghan people breaks my heart!

  2. When People Are Big and God Is Small - DO NOT read this book...unless you want to be impressed with the bigness of God. You might have heard similar themes in my message Sunday.

  3. The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor - when older pastors talk, I listen. When it is John Stott, I listen intently. An 86 year old Anglican pastor has been a huge help to this 31 year old (yes, I had a birthday) Baptist pastor!
So, there it is, maybe I have conquered 2/3 disease!