Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grace is (somewhat) like a gift card

Sometime, I will share this story in a sermon. When I do, you can smile to yourself, and say "I read this on the blog."

This weekend, I had the privilege of using a gift card...a LOADED gift card with a NICE amount of money on it. It was fun. It just feels like free money. I bought a sportcoat, and was nowhere close to using all of the amount on the card. So, I bought a tie, and another one, and another one. Still the gift card was not used. I bought a sweater, and that finished it off. Good times!

I thought about that in the context of grace. The grace of God is really grace upon grace. We use a lot of it everyday, but it seems like there is always more. That seems to be the nature of God. He shows more grace all the time. We could never and will never exhaust it.

I enjoyed spending the gift card, but it in no way compares to the joy of receiving God's daily amazing grace! Thank God for the little (and big) reminders of how great His grace is!