Saturday, January 26, 2008

Song that I came across

As I was searching my iTunes library for songs about the heart, I ran across this song by Charlie Hall called "Holy Heart." (iTunes link) I am sure that if I had ever heard it before, I had not really paid attention to it. Yet, with what I have been preaching, this song resonated with my own heart.

Holy Heart
A holy heart is what I long for, what I cry for, what I need
A heart that loves You, a heart that hears You, fears You
And sees You as You are

Search my heart, O God and see in me
All offenses, God, that there may be
(Cry it out now)

Refined in Your love, refined by Your blood
And the pure in heart will see You, will see You
(We're cryin' out now)

To gaze (look) upon You
Purifies me
So purify me, purify me...