Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A prayer for justice and grace

I have mentioned in the past, I think it can be a healthy to discipline to write out our prayers. Challenged by Ruth 2 and the kindness of Boaz toward Ruth, I have asked God for grace today.

You are to be greatly praised for Your justice and grace
Your grace always operates in a way to provide perfect justice
Your justice always comes with the full assurance of grace

In ourselves
we are inadequate agents of justice and
we are often poor representations of grace

But in You and through You
we can be agents of Your justice
we can choose to speak up for those whose voice is often not heard
we can value "the least of these" as You do
we can care about the ones who are abused and
we can do more than care we can act on their behalf
we can anticipate needs and meet them before requested
we can search our hearts for prejudice and hate
we can confess our sins

In you and through you
we can be representations of grace
we can love our neighbor as ourselves
we can do good as we have an opportunity to do it
we can show kindness for no earthly reason
we can give at great personal cost
we can manage businesses with care for people
we can go the extra mile

It is not in our own strength that we can do any of this

So we ask for
an understanding of Your heart as Father and
a love modeled by Your Son and
a passion stirred by Your Spirit

For your glory forever
and your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven we ask this