Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is it official?

So, can I officially be called a Delawarean now? My criteria...
  • I have been stuck on I-95.
  • I now go to WaWa regularly whether I need something there or not.
  • I have been to the beach.
  • I have been to (s)lower Delaware.
  • I have been to a Blue Hens football game.
  • I have gotten a parking ticket on Newark Main Street.
  • I have avoided the toll to get back into the state from MD.
  • We have spent the night with our child at AI DuPont.
  • 75% of our family has inhalers.
  • I have Delaware tags (it was fun paying the fee to get them).
  • I have given up Little Debbie's for TastyKakes.
  • My jaw has been repaired after the reaction to seeing the housing prices.
  • I have somewhat of a grasp on Christiana Hospital. (although I should keep in mind Prov 16:18)
  • I have been late to appointments because I underestimated the traffic on Kirkwood Hwy (and 273, and 4, get the point).
  • I have been in a 'developing' neighborhood in Wilmington late at night. Not good when you see a lot of adult males outside. I'm pretty sure they weren't talking about the Sunday School lesson.
  • I have eaten Grotto's Pizza (not at the beach though, so I am not sure it counts).
  • I now know what a sub is (the South just pretends they know what a sub is, and I realize that Subway and Blimpie are poor attempts at subs).
  • I have gotten lost because a street name changed 4 times in 2 miles.
  • I now pronounce Newark (newARK) and Townsend (townsEND) correctly, I think.
  • The "I'm from Delaware" song/video has been forwarded to me (more than once or twice actually).
Feedback please! Are there other rites of passage?

FYI, my wife and I love this place. We thank God for sending us here.