Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just walk across the street

I have a book on my shelves (that I have only skimmed) by Bill Hybels, and the title of it is Just Walk Across the Room. It is a book that is instructive and motivational concerning personal evangelism.

I think after the last two nights, I feel like I have been impressed to "Just Walk Across the Street." What am I talking about?

Just Walk Night One - On Monday night, our church hosted a party at Pride's Court Apartments (for those not from DE, the apartments are literally 20 yards from our property). With the ENORMOUS assistance from the group from Biltmore Baptist, we threw a party in the middle of the courtyard. Party = hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones, slam-dunking show, inflatable games, concert, open mic talent show. It was a good time. Those who are residents in the apartments came out to see what was going on, and from all accounts had a great time. As part of the night, John Mark from Biltmore shared the hope that is in Jesus Christ, and Stan our associate pastor, shared OBC's desire to love our neighbors. Both were well received. I will share more thoughts about this another time, but it was a great first step in visibly demonstrating that we care about our neighbors, and don't just want them for what they can do for us.

Just Walk Night Two - Last night, I had an experience at my house. I was mowing my lawn (not my favorite thing to do), and I saw our across-the-street neighbors out in their front yard. They have a child about Canaan's age, so the two of them began playing. We ended up getting to talk with the couple, and hopefully began a friendship.

How many times do we miss opportunities to make new friends because we play in the backyard rather than the frontyard?

How many times do we wish our church could reach people, but we don't realize that sometimes all we need to do is "walk across the street." It is not an "end-all." But, I cannot think of a better first step to sharing the love of Christ! Just walk across the street!