Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bible Reading from this morning.

I just wrote about my Bible reading plan. Today, I was in Psalm 78. A few things jumped out at me...
  • This is a great chapter recounting Old Testament history and theology

  • Verse 5 & 7 - God established a testimony to be passed on to children. This was done so that the children "should set their hope in God." What an awesome goal in parenting.

  • Verse 21-22 - God is angered by our lack of belief and trust in his saving power.

  • Verse 38-39 - Even in his righteous anger, he is compassionate, atones for our sin, restrains his anger, and remembers our condition. Wow!
Read Psalm 78 today if you get a chance, but expect to look in the mirror and be convicted. And expect to see the gracious hand of God in our lives!