Thursday, September 13, 2007

My first post from the first state

We made it, and fortunately left the heat and humidity in Tennessee (I hope it stays there). I made my first visit to the office. Some of my "friends" from Chattanooga had mailed a Texas Longhorn plaque to be mounted in my office at Ogletown. I realized that contrary to what I had been told about the heathens and pagans up north, the real pagans were the ones who had mailed that garbage up to Delaware (thanks Sean and Arlinda). :-)

Seriously, we have had a great trip, and look forward to beginning work in a couple of days. You cannot imagine how we have been prayed for, and we have felt those prayers. We have managed to keep the crankiness to a minimum (I am referring to Shawna and me of course), and the kids have done great. We have enjoyed being here and cannot wait to get started.

See you soon.

P.S. For all the Tennessee readers wondering what state Delaware is in...It is a state, and as the blog post says, it is the first state.