Saturday, September 22, 2007

A month is a long time (or at least it seems like it)

Over a month ago, I remember anticipating preaching at Ogletown for the first time. The feelings I have today are different and similar to that Saturday.

They are different because...
  • Obviously, I have gotten to spend more time (even if its only been by blog or email) with many in the church than I had before
  • I am not coming off a weekend of several meetings
  • I will come to church from a house, not a hotel

But, in many ways it is similar to each time I open God's word and teach because...
  • I have great confidence in the Word
  • I recognize a great dependence on the Spirit
  • I sense my (many) inadequacies, but God's overwhelming sufficiency
  • I absolutely cannot wait to share what God has taught me over the last several weeks.

As I said, there are similarities and differences, but I am glad that this Sunday has (almost) arrived. I am praying that God would give us a great day being changed by the Word, encouraged by the fellowship, and sharpened by his Spirit.