Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Devotions, Quiet Time, Personal Bible Study, etc.

Whatever we might desire to call it, I think most Christians recognize that it is important to regularly be before God in prayer, meditation, and in reading Scripture. Just a side note, imagine what people did before they had access to a copy of Scripture. They would have to remember in their mind what they had heard, and meditate on that. Thank God for copies of the Bible in our own language. But, back to the matter of spending regular time with God. I wanted to give some insight into some of what I have done recently in that area. I am sure I will discuss this more later.

My Bible reading is directed from a plan developed by a Scottish preacher years ago. I actually use an adaptation of that plan created by D.A. Carson. You can find it in a couple of books he has written called For the Love of God. It is a devotional book that highlights a thought from the passages I have read. I actually have a hard copy of the book, but I get an email sent daily to me with the reading plan and the devotional sent to me. You can get that by clicking here. Over the last year, the plan (actually it has been the Word, not the plan, but you know what I mean) has been a great source of strength.

One disclaimer...the plan has you reading 4 chapters a day. I know that is aggressive for someone just beginning to read the Bible and understand it. So, if that is too much, scale it down. But spend time in God's Word!

More about prayer and meditation later...