Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to I-95

I had a friend arrange for one of our vehicles to be towed up to this area. He arranged (for free, I might add) for it to be dropped off in Laurel, MD. That arrangement saved us a lot of hassle.

The only hassle was navigating I-95 this morning. I think everyone in the Northeast Corridor was heading that direction today. And, a great number of them were driving somewhat recklessly causing the interstate to back up about every 1/8 of a mile. So, I got to "take my time" going through Baltimore this morning.

In addition, I got to pay to sit in this traffic.
  • $3 to get out of Delaware
  • $2 to go into the Ft McHenry Tunnel (Canaan loved it, by the way)
  • $2 (times 2 with my car and Shawna's car) to get out of the Tunnel
  • $5 to get out of Maryland (times 2 again)
  • $3 to get back into Delaware (times 2 again)
Welcome to the Northeast. I think all my new Yankee friends are smiling.