Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just a thought

Have you ever had a verse that you have read before, but it speaks to you in a fresh way? I read this verse this morning...
My tongue will talk of your righteous help all the day long. Psalm 71:24
So, who is going to hear from me about the righteous help of God today? Who can I share it with? What a challenge!


Father, you are our help.
Far more than just helping us,
You are our source of help,
You help us by giving us peace, hope, and guidance.
You stay close when others don't or can't.
You reaffirm your grace.
You reassure of your purposes.

God, we need that help!
Our minds are not sharp enough.
Our wisdom is not superior.
We do not exercise sovereignty.
We cannot claim omniscience.
We know nothing of omnipotence.

So we ask for your help,
Rejoicing that it is ours for the asking.
We ask for
Your gracious sovereignty
Your all-wise omniscience, and
Your humbling omnipotence.

We praise you for your help, and do not hesitate to speak of it.