Monday, September 17, 2007

"What do you do on your first day?"

I have been asked that question several times (even by my wife). Let me give you a few bullet points:
  • Above all, I found the Dunkin Donuts on the way to work this morning. On my list of favorite things about living in Newark, right behind getting to be the pastor at OBC was getting to be within 4-5 miles of 3,716 Dunkin Donuts!
  • Scheduled some meetings (How awesome to walk into the first with nothing on my calendar! I think that will be the only time I feel that.)
  • Prayed for the people that I now have the privilege of shepherding
  • Found the printer
  • Did some initial work on Sunday's sermon
  • Discovered some of the many rooms at OBC (Is it just Baptist churches that have rooms that would take a good hunting dog to find your way out of?)
  • Met with the great staff team at Ogletown and got caught up on the calendar
  • Found an internet connection so I could post about the first day