Monday, September 3, 2007

Moving and Transitions - Part 2

In a previous post, I talked about how the Hill family is in such a state of transition. I talked about how in a sense, we are living in one place with our mind and our heart set on another place. I mentioned that moving and transitions affect your decisions. But, it is also true that moving affects your priorities.

We have a limited amount of time in Chattanooga. So, how we spend it becomes extremely valuable. If we weren't moving we might take time to do some different things. Frankly, every minute in the next few weeks counts. Getting all of our "worldly belongings" to Newark is a HUGE priority to us (and thank the Lord, we are making progress in doing that).

In addition, we have made it a priority to spend time with friends. It seems like we are eating with friends every time we turn around (I think we are all going to gain 10 pounds in the next week). We want to say good-byes to those who mean a lot to us, so that has become a priority.

In much the same way, if we truly realize that living this life on earth is not all there is, our priorities will change. We will make a priority out of preparing for another place. What is important there (in the presence of Christ in heaven) will be important to us here. Consequently, I think out lives will reflect that. Too often, I think, we make a priority out of things that won't matter at all in eternity.

So, what will be important to me? How will my priorities be shaped? In our world here in Chattanooga our priorities are shaped by 2 big things (1) we are only here for a few more short days, and (2) we have a new residence and life awaiting us. Spiritually, I think living with those 2 realities could help us honor God with our lives.

I guess I am awaiting 2 moves, and going through 2 transitions!