Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some things (among many) that I feel my parents did right

Most people reading this blog won't have had the privilege of meeting my parents. My wife and I are both blessed to have godly parents. Our kids are blessed beyond measure to have 4 such influences on their lives. Dad and Mom were not perfect (still aren't), but they are godly, and I was thinking about some things that I SO appreciate about them.
  1. They were authentic. What they were at church we saw at home. Never anything different! I can't emphasize what that did for me as I watched them. It taught me that the Christian life can be real, and it is not an act.

  2. They came to my ball games and track meets. This seems like a no-brainer, but I had friends in high school who NEVER had their dad come to a game. Imagine what that communicates!

  3. They encouraged me toward the ministry without pushing it. They had such a big part in my preparation for ministry, and yet I never felt like I was "mama-called" and "daddy-sent." They let God work, and rejoiced when He did.

  4. They set an example of service to their church (they still do). My parents have never been recognized leaders of the church (like an elder, or deacon). And yet, they have always served in amazing ways. My mom has almost always taught children's Sunday School classes. My dad is leading a Bible study for adults with special needs (I have a sister who is mentally handicapped, who is in this category). They are servants, and have always avoided recognition.

  5. They knew when to let go and let me grow up. I guess I didn't realize that until I had kids. I can imagine that it is hard to let them move away. I can imagine that you would want to hang on as long as possible. You invest 18 years in their lives, and then they are not in the home anymore. Yet, my parents let me do this. It's amazing that thier influence may be stronger on me now more than ever.
The list could be 500 instead of 5, but I have a house to pack!

Thank you God, for giving me a godly parents. May I have the same kind of influence on my kids!