Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moving and Transitions - Part 1

I was talking (actually emailing) with my favorite BSM director, Blake. He was drawing my attention to the uniqueness of this time in our lives. It is such a time of transition. We are living here in TN, but we know this is not our permanent place. We know in a short time we will be moving. So, that affects and occupies our hearts, our thinking, our time, our decisions, our priorities, and so much more.

What Blake reminded me of is that in a similar way, our life on earth is spent in a "transition." We are living in this world with thoughts of another world awaiting us. So, our future destination (the presence of God forever) drastically affects how we live here.

Take for example the decisions we make. If we were not moving to DE soon, our decisions would be very different. Even little decisions we make have to be made with a move in view. We cannot afford to make decisions like we will live in Tennessee forever (if we made decisions like that, we would be disastrously unprepared for the next several weeks), because a move and a transition is in our future, God willing.

I am challenged that simple and what I view as mundane decisions should be made with eternity in view. Ultimately, that is what matters, not earth. If I make decisions as if this life is all there is that matters, I can only imagine that I will be greatly disappointed when I get to my permanent residence. I will be totally unprepared to live in the presence of Christ forever.

I will talk about this more in another post