Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hard hats, sharpies, dusty shoes, and an enduring promise

This afternoon, I got to revisit the construction site. The last time I walked on the property, there was no steel. How great it was to put on the hard hat, and walk around what will be a great tool for ministry. Jim Templeton located a Sharpie marker, and I was able to belatedly sign the steel, joining many others at OBC who had done so.

I wrote my name, and under it I wrote Matthew 16:18. I thought I would share why I chose that verse. It speaks of Jesus and His promise of building his church. As much as I am excited about the possibilities of ministry in a new facility, I was reminded that bricks and mortar aren't the church. And even beyond that, construction workers don't build the church. That is the work of Jesus alone.

He has used many buildings to do that at Ogletown over the years, but if all the buildings were gone, He could still build His church. So as I have the privilege of looking at the building going up, I can remind myself daily that while men and women build buildings, Jesus builds his church. And what's more is that we have His promise of NOTHING being able to prevail over it. Thank God.